You've all heard the latest buzz word  #collagen.

You have to add the #collagen foodstuff to your diet.
Collagen is going to make you beautiful again.
Your skin cream needs to have collagen in it.

Not all collagens are created equal. There are collagen-only products and then there are products containing collagen. Always check what you are actually paying for.

The modern city dweller does not take the time to slowly cook their beef products to extract good levels of bovine collagen into their food, like our grandparents. We prepare meals like stir fries, salads, pastas and steamed veggies to stay lean and healthy and then we forget that our muscles and tendons also need certain foods to stay strong and elastic.

That is why hydrolyzed collagen is considered to be a miracle product to some. By ingesting hydrolysed collagen as an additive to our diets, we allow our skin, muscles, bones, tendons, hair and nails to be stronger and healthier.

Let's see what the right collagen formulation can do for you.

The body needs collagen (collagen is a protein) for elasticity and strength, particularly in the skin, mouth, and gums, muscles, tendons, cartilage, bone, veins and arteries, the digestive tract, the heart, the liver, kidneys and spleen, and also in hair and nails.

The human being can synthesize (manufacture) most of the 20 different amino acids required for building strong protein structures in the body itself, therefore we depend on our diet to supply those amino acids which the body cannot synthesize. The body's ability to synthesize complex proteins declines after puberty, leading to reduced skin elasticity, (the body's ability to take on its original form after stretching) weakening tendons, weakening muscular structures, cartilage wear and tear and the resultant symptoms of joint pain, easily torn muscles, ligaments and tendons, and also wrinkling of the skin, and weaker hair and nails.

Hydrolysed collagen is the original collagen protein chopped up into smaller fractions for easy absorption. As a nutrient (foodstuff), collagen fragments (peptides) and amino acids must be present in the bloodstream in combination with Vitamin C, to facilitate quick incorporation into the body collagen where and when needed most. (Futurebody Hydrolyzed collagen is derived from the fleece layer between the skin and the flesh of beef)

Benefits of adding Hydrolyzed Collagen to your diet:

  • Helps to rebuild cartilage for healthy joints
  • Beneficial addition for athletes
  • Potent anti-inflammatory benefits and relieves arthritis symptoms and joint pain
  • Promotes stronger, thicker hair and healthier nails
  • May promote weight loss due to a feeling of satiation
  • Reduces wrinkles and blemishes
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Promotes bone strength, helps to prevent and treat osteoporosis
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Supports stronger arteries
  • Improves bladder weakness

Easy to consume Futurebody Hydrolyzed Collagen

Futurebody Collagen is formulated with only bovine collagen with added Vit C.  None of the awful taste that many of the collagen products on the market has.

Simply add to your food, coffee, smoothie, food, or add to water and drink or eat.
It dissolves completely and leaves No after taste.

One 300gr Container of Futurebody Hydrolyzed Collagen will last you a whole month of a daily dose of 10gr. Scoop provided.