Ever went for a long barefoot walk on the beach? Did you notice that most of the hard skin on your heels are gone when you come home, or it might even be possible that your feet feel a little tender because the sand actually scrubbed too many layers off your skin…? Ouch!

Today I am going to use that tidbit of knowledge to quickly whip up a gorgeous foot scrub for you to use to treat a loved one to a beautiful foot scrub and moisturising treatment in one.

Seeing that it is February and the month of love, you can give foot scrubs to anybody you would like to give a treat. A good way of spreading the love is to visit a Retirement home and offer to do a number of foot scrubs to the residents. They will simply love it! Make sure that the ingredients are suitable to the thin skins of the aged and do not overdo your scrubbing actions.

I used products that I already had available and you can use any similar products. No need to buy expensive treatment products.

Sterilize a suitable container with a screw on lid. Any empty skincare cream container will do. Wash out and wipe clean with surgical spirits or sterilize in the microwave for a few seconds.

If you plan to do a number of foot scrubs in a row, use a bigger container and mix up more!

Suitable ingredients:

♥  Any of the following creams/oils can be used  – Body Butter, Aqueous Cream, Body Balms, Almond Oil, or Coconut Oil.

♥  Fine sea sand, fine river sand, salt, or sugar.  For this mix I preferred to use river sand that I sieved with a flour sieve to make sure that I only use the finest of sand, but I still wanted the scrub to feel natural and fairly coarse. Be sure that your sand is sterilised by first adding it to softly boiling water for a few minutes while stirring and then strain and leave to dry in the sun.  The sand must be completely dry before you use it. The beauty of river sand is that the granules are mostly round in shape and will gently polish the skin rather than scrape the skin.

Elixirfusion Aromatherapy Skincare has the most gorgeous rich and creamy Body Balm that melts in you hand when you apply it, therefore it was an obvious choice for me to use to put together this footscrub. Another base product I love to use is Coconut oil where I can add a few drops of aromatherapy oil of my own choice. Lavender, Ylang-Ylang or Lemongrass are among my favourites.

How to construct:

Fill your container with the riversand/seasand/sugar/salt.  Empty the sand into a bowl. Now add just enough of the Body Balm to form a soft even paste with the sand. Place the mixture in your container with the screw on lid. Use a wooden or plastic spatula to scoop just enough product to scrub two feet.

The Treatment:

Lay a pretty towel on the floor. Use a large plastic bowl or foot spa with lukewarm water to wet and soak your friends feet in. Scoop some scrub and softly rub all over the foot, paying attention to callouses and rough areas of the foot. Place the feet back into the warm water and rinse the sand from the feet. You will find that some of the body butter will stay on the skin, keeping the feet moisturised. Pat the feet dry, making sure to dry well between the toes. Apply some cream or body balm and continue with a light foot massage until the cream is completely absorbed. Now cut or buff the toenails and apply nail colour should your friend prefer that.

♥ ♥ ♥ Besides this footscrub being extremely affordable, it is also very effective, while at the same time you are spreading a lot of love by treating somebody’s feet. ♥  ♥  ♥


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