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Justine Distributor Mossel Bay Area

Jeanette van Rensburg is your Justine Business Leader in the Mossel Bay Area.  She has been with Justine for the past 33 yrs building her business and helping more Distributors get started and joining her team of Distributors.  She would like to expand her team of Distributors and  you are welcome to contact her to get all the information to get started.

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Mossel Bay
044 6931610
Forever Living Products
Forever Living Products sells health and beauty products that are natural organic and Aloe based.

Forever Living Products in addition offers an opportunity to be financially independent and do business globally because it operates in more than 150 countries.It offers good incentives as well like car plan, free overseas trips, profit shares, etc

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Avroy Shlain – Make a difference
All day Beauty Products

You will find everything you need at Avroy Shlain, from Gifts to all day Beauty 🙂

Pretoria (all over SA)
Avon Cosmetics Bellville
Sell Avon products

I am a Sales Leader for Avon Cosmetics, I sell Avon and I also appoint people to sell Avon

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Avon Cosmetics
Am an independent avon sales representative

Am an independent avon sales representative & sales leader, those who to purchase avon products feel free to contact me , those who want to join avon and become sales representatives contact me l will help yu.

Milnerton, Cape Town
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Avroy Shlain – Gordon’s Bay | Somerset West | Strand
I am Magdel Kemper, your friendly Avroy Shlain Skincare Consultant in the Gordons Bay, Somerset West, Strand areas and surrounds.

I am your friendly Avroy Shlain Skincare Consultant in the Gordons Bay, Somerset West, Strand areas and surrounds. I offer Free Skin Analysis days on a regular basis. Please book your spot well in advance to help me provide the best possible service you deserve.

Are you looking for a similar Business Opportunity as an Avroy Shlain Consultant in the Helderberg?  Feel free to come in contact with me and we will have you up and running in no time.


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Gordon’s Bay | Somerset West | Strand
Ohana Enterprises (Pty) Ltd
Need to INCREASE sales and bring in REPEAT customers to your business? Grow your customer base- Have customers LOOK for YOUR business.
BE in the LEAD of the health movement for natural, organic and holistic products.
UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to stock alcohol-free and perfume-free skincare, haircare and wellness oils for resale in your business. All our products are blended with pure essential oils in organic bases. No need to turn discerning customers away.

Health is not only about what goes in through your mouth. Increasingly, research is revealing how skincare alters hormones and other vital systems in the body. What your skin absorbs is proving to be much more dangerous and life-altering than so-called unhealthy foods. For the discerning shopper, there is now a new range of natural and organic skincare, haircare and wellness products. Suitable for all ages and ethnicities, each product relates to your body in a holistic manner to harness the power of natural healing. Pure essential oils are blended together with natural bases to provide skincare that balances your skin and assists your body in releasing toxins that have built up over the years. Skin is brighter, clearer and healthier.
Skin that is affected by eczema, acne, impetigo and psoriasis will all benefit from using our products. Every single product has none of the toxic ingredients that cause any of these conditions or allergies. These are all alcohol free. The enticing fragrances are from the pure essential oils, alone. Natural does not mean boring or limited.
Avroy Shlain Cosmetics
Group Manager on Avroy Shlain skincare, cosmetics and perfume

I have a team of ASC Advisers in Somerset West, Strand and Gordonsbay, and would welcome all interested people to join our team. Contact me for more info or to place your order

Somerset West Cape Town
081 469 4427
Jeunesse Independent Distributor Stellenbosch

I am an Independent Jeunesse Distributor.  You can order online and we ship your products to you.

Or give me a call to arrange a Trial appointment to see our products in action.

Order Here:  Jeunesse Products

Our Business Opportunity is second to none. Give me a call to become active as a Jeunesse Independent Distributor

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless