A Winter Dry Skin solution for All Skin Types

How to cure Winter Dry Skin

Looking out the window, I see grey skies and beautiful oak trees changing colours.

Winter is coming!


I used to experience dry and dull skin in the winter. The wet and grey days caused my skin to be red and dry no matter what I did. Luckily for scarfs and hats I survived the previous winters and the days of Rudolf the Red nose reindeer is over.

You might feel the same, desperately looking for a solution to face the cold days with a beautiful glowing, firm and moisturised face.

I discovered the best solution! But you might be wondering if it will work for you? Yes it will! Whether you have fair, freckled, slightly toned or dark skin, we all have a skin. The texture of our skin, for example, sensitive, dry, oily or combination is largely due to our lifestyle, diet and environmental exposures.  So in winter the cold freezing air outside and the pumping heaters inside can cause our skin to become extra dry and uncomfortable. That is why we must take special care of our skin in the winter.

The solution, a serum that absorbs quickly into your skin, it replenishes the moisture levels of your skin; it evens out discoloured skin tones and blotchy skin. The best off all, it delays the appearance of aging by replenishing your skin’s natural stores of growth factors and proteins that can become depleted with age. Let me repeat, it replaces your skins, NATURAL growth factors and proteins. These growth factors and proteins stimulate your own stem cells to naturally repair, rejuvenate and renew your skin.

How unique is this? No matter what skin type or texture, this serum will solve all you winter blue skin problems.

To order your serum or to contact me, visit this link.

profileWho is Francisca Brink   ~

A young Momtrepeneur of 2 children – a loving wife to an amazing husband – a grateful owner of the successful Eikelower Guesthouse  – a Good Friend, training more women to take excellent care of their skins and inspiring them into personal and financial well-being.


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